Summer Program 2013 - 2019

High school students gain STEM experience and skills.

The iXplore Summer Program offers high school students and educators an opportunity to conduct scientific research using DNA barcoding; genetically engineer bacteria and purify fluorescent protein; study sensory neurons; explore marine biology; use motion capture technology and electromyography; explore healthcare, dentistry and pharmacology; explore a zebrafish colony and observe early fish embryogenesis; and learn about STEM education programs and careers on the University of New England Portland and Biddeford campuses. High school students (including recent grads) and high school science educators are encouraged to apply.  The program takes place using facilities on the University of New England Biddeford and Portland Campuses. (This program is on hold until further notice).

High school educators explore new technologies for the classroom.

Participants engage in healthcare career exploration.

Summer 2013

Summer 2014

Summer 2015 Session 1

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